Adam Elend


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An Orchard of Molecules: Why the Future of Marijuana is Hemp in 2020

Adam Elend, CEO, Florigrown, LLC


As we speak, orchards of cannabis sativa are being cultivated to extract the cbd molecule to be infused into consumer products - a legal market regulated by the states and the feds. Learn how the future of federally legalized cannabis is today’s national hemp program.

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Buyer Beware: The High Price Farmers Pay for Seeds

Adam Elend, CEO, Florigrown, LLC


The wrong genetics can mean total crop failure for farmers who are putting their livelihood on the line. Millions of dollars are at stake. But our High-CBD seed supply simply does not meet the legal definition of hemp in a reliable way. Until it does, everything is a workaround. Learn what challenges to expect and some best practices on how to handle them when they come.


Adam Elend represents a leading voice in the emerging Florida Cannabis Industry. His company Florigrown is known for their high profile legal challenges to the state’s Medical Marijuana Program, and has made significant investments in infrastructure for the coming hemp market.  In 2013, Adam stepped away from his successful digital media studio in New York and moved his family West to Colorado to join the burgeoning cannabis industry. He spent three years learning every aspect of the business as Colorado transitioned to the nation’s first Adult Use Market. In 2016, he returned to Florida to help bring the cannabis revolution to his lifelong home. An entrepreneur and advocate, Adam is a driver of greater access to the cannabis plant in Florida: access for Florida patients in medical marijuana program, access to the marijuana market for Florida businesses, and access to the High CBD Hemp opportunity for Florida’s farmers.