Bo Snively


Harvey Bowden “Bo” Snively, IV, Fourth Generation Floridian Farmer


Harvey Bowden “Bo” Snively IV is a fourth generation Floridian farmer.  He currently manages a 100+ acre farm that harvests citrus, blueberries, vegetables, watermelons and more. In addition to being a farmer he has ties to the farming community and infrastructures.  He has been lobbying, advocating and conducting research and development in the cannabis industry for 5+ years.  In 2017, he was the first farmer to testify in front of Florida’s Senate Agriculture Committee on behalf of legalizing hemp in Florida.  He believes in creating a transparent hemp and agriculture industry that supports Florida’s small farm holders and connects the farmer directly to the markets.  Snively is licensed in General Standards (CORE) and Private Applicator, which has made him an expert in applying pesticides correctly and creating quality pest control. He is passionate about creating the future of farming in Florida and making Florida a global hemp leader. Snively currently resides in Winter Haven, Florida with his pup, Ammo.