Dr. Brian J. Pearson


Presentation Title

Propagation and Controlled Environment Research in the UF/IFAS Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

Dr. Brian J. Pearson, Assistant Professor—Landscape, Ornamental, and Protected Crop Management, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center, UF/IFAS


UF/IFAS MREC develops the knowledge to grow and use high value horticultural plants, including CBD hemp. Currently UF/IFAS MREC has 11 CBD hemp varieties in trials for basic physiology and pest issues. The basic physiology research include controlled environment trials for light, fertilizer, and water needs with a focus on the effects of those conditions on cannabinoid profile. UF/IFAS MREC is also investigating methods for clonal propagation of CBD hemp varieties and transplanting for greenhouse, nursery, and indoor finish production.


Brian Pearson is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida within the Department of Environmental Horticulture. He is located at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center where he focuses on the horticultural production and use of medicinal, beverage, and consumptive specialty crops.