Chad York


Presentation Title

Optimizing Extraction & Residual Processing

Chad York, Milling Solutions Consultant, Colorado Mill Equipment


Mr. York will discuss the following aspects for optimizing extraction and processing:

  • Whole Plant and Flower Drying
  • Hemp and Cannabis Grinding
  • Stalk, Hurd, Seed, and Flower Separation
  • Extraction Optimization Through Grinding and Densification
  • Optimization of Material Storage Pre-extraction
  • Milling and Densification of Residual Byproducts
  • Manufacturing of Products From Post CBD Material 
  • Sourcing of New and Rebuilt Processing Equipment (excluding extractors)


As a Milling Solutions Consultant at Colorado Mill Equipment, a U.S. manufacturer of pelleting, milling, & screening solutions, Chad has worked with many businesses to fully understand their processes and make well-informed recommendations on how they can get the most out of their product.