Gene Jones


Eugene (Gene) Jones

Eugene (Gene) Jones, Co-Founder, Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exhibition and the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition


Gene Jones serves as CEO of Southern Waste Information Exchange (SWIX), a non-profit organization which has been operating since 1981 assisting businesses and municipalities with their waste management issues. 

In addition, to his day-to-day roll at SWIX, Gene  conducts a variety of conferences in the environmental industry sectors.  He also formed the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition and the Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exhibition.

Gene is a serial entrepreneur and brings over 37 years of experience with waste management and recycling in senior executive level positions. Over the past 37 years, he has successfully founded, built and sold several businesses including Environmental Management & Consulting Services, Inc., Advanced Derived Fuels, LLC,  Hazardous Substance and Waste Management Research, Inc., Environmental Industry Conference Management, LLC, FieldClean of Florida, LLC, Lawncare Equipment Sales and Services, LLC, Environmental University, and his latest venture, Florida Industrial Hemp Company, LLC. 

Gene is based in Florida and specializes in building strategic relationships with firms and has managed a vast network of associations in many different sectors from his work in organizing conferences such as;


•  the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Conference & Trade Show, 

•  the Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show, 

•  the Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show, 

•  the New Life for Closed Gas Stations Conference and Exhibition, 

•  the International Symposium on the Redevelopment of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites, 

•  the National Conference on Waste Exchange and Resource Reuse, 

•  PFAS Forum

•  the Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exhibition, and

•  the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition.


•  Florida BioFuels & BioEnergy Association, Inc., 

•  Recycle Florida Today, Inc.,

•  Can-Ed, Inc., 

•  Florida Agricultural Plastic Recycling Cooperative, Inc.,

•  Florida Environmental Assessors Association, Inc., 

•  International Society of Technical & Environmental Professionals, Inc., 

•  Florida Brownfields Association, Inc., and

•  Keep Florida Beautiful, Inc.

Gene is a Martial Arts practitioner and has his 8th degree black belt in Shaolin GoJu and a 5th degree black belt in Nisei GoJu. Gene is a published author of Instant Self-Esteem: Empowering Self-Confidence.

Gene is also the inventor of the Soap Bag Saver, which he designed for the reuse of leftover soap bars.