Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey


Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey, Executive Director, The Florida Hemp Association


Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey is the Executive Director of the Florida Hemp Association as well as Managing Partner Capitol Alliance Group,  Inc.  Dr. Sharkey has over 25 years of lobbying experience in addition to 6 years of employment at senior positions in the Executive and Legislative branches of Florida Government. His lobbying expertise includes advanced technologies, education, intermodal transportation, economic development, insurance, entertainment, local government infrastructure funding, growth management, public finance, and ad valorem taxation.

Dr. Sharkey is widely known for his extensive knowledge of the legislative process, in particular the finance and tax and appropriations processes. With over two decades of government relations, public affairs and business consulting under his belt, he has built a network of trusted relationships throughout the highest levels of state government. His entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, high ethical standards and strong commitment to professionalism, coupled with his creative approach to problem solving and dedication to keeping his client’s interests at the forefront of the firm’s activities, have made him one of the most highly regarded lobbyist in Florida. He and the professionals in his firm believe that accomplishing client’s goals is the result of detailed research, strategic planning, clear communication, hard work and unrelenting determination to succeed.

In addition, Dr. Sharkey has been actively involved in statewide issue campaigns for over twenty years, providing him rare insight into the politics and an ability to shape successful community development projects. He has been successful in creating, mobilizing and evaluating public policy issues and trends to position his clients to prepare and take advantage of new challenges and opportunities occurring in the arenas of state and local governments. He is ultimately familiar with the dynamics that are created when local, state and national politics intersect with the desire to shape public policy in the local, Legislative or Executive branches of government.

Dr. Sharkey has held a variety of positions in state government prior to launching his public policy advocacy career. He has been Director of International Education for the State of Florida, Special Advisor to the Governor for International Affairs, and Director of the Florida Hemispheric Policy Studies Center. He began his professional career as a teacher and school administrator and has worked in England, Thailand, Latin America and in other parts of the world as a consultant for various international agencies.

In addition, Dr. Sharkey is an entreprenuer and owns a number of successful businesses. He is native of Minnesota, he holds a B.S. degree in English, a M.Ed. in Educational Research from the University of MN, a M.S. in Sociology and Economics and a Ph.D. from Florida State University in Educational Policy Foundations and International Development.