Penny Price Payne

CoFounder/COO/CMO, Florida Cannaceuticals

Founder of Avanta Integrative Health

Founder, WomenOnPoint


Penny Price Payne is the Co-Founder and COO/CMO of Florida Cannaceuticals, Founder of Avanta Integrative Health, and CEO of WomenOnPoint, all based in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Ms. Payne began her career in healthcare and transitioned to technology, marketing and media before her service to the the hemp and cannabis industry. She is a passionate advocate of healthcare reform, social justice, and full cannabis legalization after learning of needless constraints on access to quality therapies, compassionate care and natural alternatives to those most in need. Through her organizations and her network of business partners and resources, she is dedicated to producing and providing quality wellness solutions and improved access to education and healthcare. 

As co-founder and COO/CMO of Florida Cannaceuticals, Payne has been the driving force behind the development of this profitable, multi-faceted CBD and cannabis businesses, forging strong brands while driving sustainable business practices and reaching for new standards. Payne has most recently has begun an initiative to educate and reform businesses both in the cannabis space and beyond in their approach to social and fiscal responsibility to become purpose-driven and community-focused. 

Payne founded Avanta Integrative Health to further expand the discussion about natural therapies thru a collective of professionals focused on treating the individual as a whole person. It is Payne’s belief that thru interaction, education, membership, and engagement, we can minimize the stressors and impacts of today’s society to raise the bar on health and wellness. 

Finding inequities and underserved communities, Payne founded WomenOnPoint, an organization whose mission is to educate, engage, and embrace women to change the narrative to seek whole wellness in mind, body and spirit, to advocate for alternatives in our healthcare system, and to provide resources for women’s social, medical, emotional and financial well-being.

She is a also a funding founder of C2XMedia, who produces highly acclaimed public and private events and media to consumers, mainstream influencers, practitioners, and policy makers to educate and reform the societal mindset about cannabis, create educational content for cannabis industry leaders and consumers, provide perspective to legislators regarding key cannabis initiatives, and to create conscious and sustainable solutions for the new industry. As a subject matter expert, she is a freelance writer and publishes for several e-zines and publications while consulting on marketing, legal, finance, accounting, merchant processing, and business strategy both in the cannabis industry and other verticals. 

Prior to these successes, Ms. Payne owned and operated a consulting agency and worked as a product developer in a media technology company focused on public relations, software and application development, web design and development, digital content, print and display advertising, collateral and brand strategy. She is a Microsoft Certified Network Engineer, Microsoft Certified Internet Tech Professional, and A+/Network+ Certified. After working to build a clinical care team, Ms. Payne worked as the Director of Technology and Regional Administrator for Adult Communities Total Services, Inc., an organization dedicated to proving quality care facilities for independent, assisted care, and nursing home living. She was hired to build a data and converged solutions team for Tektron, Inc., where she designed and implemented networks in the finance industry across the US. 

Practicing what she preaches, Payne is an alumni of Leadership Palm Beach County, volunteers as a tutor and mentor, and serves with HomeSafe, the Palm Beach County Gator Club in association with the University of Florida, and the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County and supports those around her who have a mission and a passion to grow community and unselfishly make a difference in the lives of others.