Robert Clayton


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Bootstrapping an Industry.  How do we do it?

Robert Clayton, Owner, Florida Hemp Processing, LLC


We have a law.  We are allowed financing.  We need investors, and investors need to see customers.  Florida is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the industry.  We are small, but we can be powerful.


Robert Clayton is a retired Mechanical Engineer.  In 2012, he built the first hempcrete house in Florida in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Since then, he has worked tirelessly for hemp advocacy in Tallahassee and Washington to bring hemp farming to Florida culminating finally in a successful bill in 2019.  He formed Florida Hemp Processing, LLC to provide future processing for Florida’s hemp farmers.  He is perhaps the most knowledgeable person with regard to hemp in Florida.  Robert has many years consulting and management experience in process engineering for the offshore oil industry and has many years of CAD/CAM expertise and software development.